The Company realizes that Human Resources are asset and partner, have important role in the survival of Company’s business activities at present the Company’s employees 329 persons. The success of the Company’s business heavily depend on the quality of all its employees and the quality of interaction between individuals in the Company.

Therefore the Company had been continuously involved its employees in various training and education in accordance with their respective fields of work. During the year 2014, the Company has provided training to employees as follow:

  1. ASNT Level I & ASNT Level II
  2. SEA Survival
  3. Basic First Aid (BFA)
  4. Basic Fire Fighting (BFF)
  5. Leadership for Supervisor & Manager Training
  6. T-BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training)
  7. Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Training
  8. Migas Certificate (Revalidation)


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