PT. Ratu Prabu Energi, Tbk  realizes as an integral part of society,  we are committed  to fostering mutual  with  communities,  through  the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.
CSR is part of the implementation of Corporate Governance, and we hope that through the implementation of CSR, the Company and its surrounding environment can grow together side by side. We implemented a number of CSR program during 2014 are follows:

– Providing assistance to flood victims Krukut River residents around our Company.
– Provision of direct funding of Posyandu activities to communities around the Ratu Prabu 2 building.
– Providing assistance to communities around the Ratu Prabu 2 building to fogging (pest and rodent control) in February, May, September      and December 2014.
– Assistance for the provision of cleaning equipment to community.
– Assistance in the form of improved roads.
– Provision of packet to communities in Idul Fitri 2014 celebration.
– Provision of qurban animal of Cow.
– Donation for other religious such as Maulud of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
– In the health sector, the Company provided free medical health center and medicine donation.


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